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Information Technology and Chartered Accountants

# IT has changed the lives of laymen, professionals, government, and businessman.
# Activities, which used to take days, are now completed in few hours.
# One person instead of room full of staff can now run business.
# IT has transformed India ‘s image from slow moving economy to software superpower.
# IT has also contributed to employment.
# Growth potential of IT in India remains immense and largely untapped.
# According to National Association of Software and service Companies, IT is poised to become a US $ 225 billion industry by 2020
# Government has taken keep steps to facilitate IT growth.

    1: National e Governance programs
    2: Unique Identification development authority of India (UIDIA)
    3: Technical advisory group for unique projects (TAGUP)
    4: IT infrastructure in areas like new pension system, GST etc
    5: National task force in IT and software development
    6: MCA21 project- online submission of annual reports, ROC certificates
    7: 5.3 Million returns were filed electronically for AY 2011-12 as compared to 2.2 Million last year

# IT today offers opportunities, more efficacy, ease and speed delivery of services to all the professionals.
# It is high time that chartered accountants become proficient in IT, to serve the society better.
# IFRS convergence is not possible without IT help.
# It is high time Chartered accountants become experts in Computer assisted audit techniques, IS Audit, e- Governance, IT based management information system, enterprise resource planning
# Indian Chartered accountants are a powerhouse of financial skills which can be put to global use by use of IT.
# Chartered accountants can explore opportunities in Knowledge Process Out sourcing.
# ICAI’s IT mission is to provide world class IT Governance, IS audit, ERP consulting etc.
# ICAI offers Post Qualification course on Information systems Audit (ISA), CAAT etc.

To know the course details refer the below link:

# Today’s CA should bring business oriented approach to IT strategy. There is need for highly technologically qualified Chartered Accountants to power development in Indian accountancy profession.

Source- The Chartered Accountant Journal

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